A Heartfelt Commitment to Volunteering at OnPoint NYC

Meet Paige Guyott, our dedicated Volunteer and Training Coordinator at OnPoint NYC, whose passion for harm reduction and community care radiates through her work. With a focus on compassion and love, Paige experiences the profound impact volunteers can have at OnPoint NYC and how their efforts contribute to a more supportive community for people who use drugs or engage in sex work.

Volunteering at OnPoint NYC is a transformative experience, not just a task. Paige has witnessed volunteers, even those new to harm reduction, undergo profound shifts in their perspectives. They develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the resilience and humanity of the participants they serve, a personal growth that is both inspiring and empowering.

From packing harm reduction kits, cleaning hazardous waste in neighborhoods, and leading participant groups to supporting holistic services, volunteering roles are varied and crucial. “The need for volunteers to help with kit packing is urgent,” Paige emphasizes. “These kits are life-saving—they equip our participants to prevent overdoses and practice safer methods. Every kit packed eases the workload on our direct service teams, allowing them to focus more on individual participant needs.”

Paige encourages anyone with a compassionate heart and a desire to learn to get involved. “We need more people who love our community as much as we do,” she says. “By volunteering, you’re not just helping out; you’re becoming part of a movement that recognizes the dignity and worth of every individual, regardless of their circumstances.”

Your volunteer service will help create a safer, more inclusive environment for all members of our community. Together, we can positively impact and foster a supportive space for those who need it most.

Are you inspired by Paige’s story and dedication to harm reduction? You, too, can make a difference. Sign up to volunteer with OnPoint NYC today and join a community committed to love, learning, and life-saving care. Visit OnPoint NYC’s Volunteer Page to get started.

Our East Harlem location will be closing early at 8:30pm on Wed 5/1 and Fri 5/3. Our Washington Heights location will be open on our regular schedule.

No One Has To Die of An Overdose.

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