Associate Director of Mental Health

Position Summary

A junior leadership position within the agency, the Associate Director of Mental Health plays a critical role in the assessment, supervision, maintenance, growth and expansion of mental health services at both program sites, and throughout our street-based and vehicle-based services. Our service model is based on educating participants and facilitating empowerment so individuals can advocate for themselves and make self-identified changes in their lives.  Consistent with this philosophy, our mental health programs help participants identify their strengths, needs, and barriers to accessing services, while promoting concepts of wellness, developing their support networks, and connecting them to opportunities to identify, influence, and change the policies that affect their lives. As the Associate Director of Mental Health, this management position is key to ensuring that OnPoint NYC’s Mental Health Clinicians and Interns operate in a manner consistent with the principles of Harm Reduction.  The individual in this role is responsible for modeling behavior consistent with an agency culture that values education, growth and collaborative team-based management.  

Reports to: Senior Director of Programs
Direct Reports: LMSWs, Social Work Interns
Annual Salary: $85,000 – $100,000
Position Type: Full Time
Hours Per Week: 35 / Monday-Friday
Benefits Eligible: Yes               Remote: No                  Hybrid: No


Personnel Management

  • Oversee and manage the agency’s mental health and social work services across both brick and mortal location in Washington Heights and East Harlem.
  • Provide clinical and task supervision to OnPoint’s Harm Reduction Mental Health Unit comprised of up to five LMSW’s/LMHC’s.  Ensure that all supervision is documented and signed.
  • Support the recruitment, placement, orientation, training, and supervision of master’s level students (e.g., MSW, MSEd-MHC, etc.) for their intern/externships (approx. 5 interns)
  • Support the professional development and continued skills acquisition of supervisees by arranging training opportunities when needed or requested
  • Support LMSW’s to achieve SIFI certification

Program Management and Direct Services

  • Oversee and direct the provision of low threshold mental health services, including onsite services and offsite mobile services, ensuring fidelity to program philosophy and objectives, and a high standard of care
  • Oversee the provision of all mental health-focused group activities; conduct regular observation of group service provision; provide feedback on group content and curricula; provide coaching guidance on approach to group facilitation
  • Assess opportunities for the expansion of mental health services beyond 9-5/M-F ‘office hours’, specifically into the evenings and on weekends
  • Assess and expand the utilization of valid and reliable screening tools within the mental health services unit including PHQ-9, GAD-7, PTSD Checklist, Modified Mini, and C-SSRS
  • Work in collaboration with the MD/Prescriber to support the coordination of mental health services on the SAMHSA funded program – Community-Based MAT for People in Northern Manhattan and the Southern Bronx
  • Work closely with the Director of Care Coordination to support excellent communication and effective collaboration between the Care Coordination department and the Harm Reduction Mental Health Unit
  • Work closely with the Drug User Health HUB and the Washington Heights Clinic to support excellent communication and effective collaboration between the clinical staff and the Harm Reduction Mental Health Unit
  • Work with OnPoint leadership team to develop and launch recruitment and marketing materials for Harm Reduction Mental Health Unit programs and services
  • Investigate and grow partnerships in the broader community to support a comprehensive referral and treatment network to quality mental health and psychiatric services for program participants
  • Leverage external resources and cultivate the engagement and commitment of potential allies and volunteers to address program and service gaps
  • Execute memoranda of understanding with community partners that effectively outline services provided by each provider and bi-directional referral processes
  • Oversee the maintenance of an updated resource directory for referrals to service providers, and work with program staff to establish and maintain active and positive collaborations with other community agencies.  Monitor feedback from staff and participants to ensure that the agencies to which we refer are effective and treat participants with respect and dignity.
  • Ensure that services are effective and satisfying for program participants, are consistent with the agency’s harm reduction philosophy, and are delivered as outlined in contractual agreements with funders; conduct a participant satisfactory survey (annually)
  • Support the Psychedelic Mental Health program, in partnership with Cardea: participant screening and intake, pre/post session counseling, follow up
  • Attend funder and stakeholder meetings as directed
  • Performed other related tasks and responsibilities as assigned.

Program Systematization, Policies and Procedures, Data and Reporting

  • Work with Senior Director of Information, Research and Evaluation to systematize electronic service capture and documentation tools for the Harm Reduction Mental Health Unit
  • Collaborate with Program Directors on the development, implementation and maintenance of Harm Reduction Mental Health Unit policies and procedures
  • Work with the Management and Senior Leadership Team to plan for and implement programs for billable services
  • Ensure maintenance of proper documentation and conduct regular chart audits
  • Reinforce and develop a collaborative and proactive agency culture through supportive and motivating interactions with staff and the implementation of fair and effective policies
  • Produce written reports, publications, presentations, and/or relevant portions of funding proposals as needed

  • LCSW preferred. LMSW/LMHC required.  
  • Should have 5-7 years direct service experience with marginalized populations including active drug users, sex workers, and formerly incarcerated individuals.  Experience with the delivery of street-based services and outreach strongly preferred.
  • Should have minimum 2 years’ experience with program management, contract management and clinical supervision.  Must have experience managing multiple contracts with overlapping service categories.
  • Significant work and/ or life experience in the areas of substance use, sex work, HIV and HCV required.  Knowledge of the Bronx, East Harlem, and/or Washington Heights IDU/ substance use communities preferred.  
  • Must have strong interpersonal and team building skills, excellent communication and presentation skills, and the ability and willingness to be hands-on and creatively solve problems as they arise. Strong clinical and managerial /administrative skills are required.
  • Must be committed to the Harm Reduction philosophy and to working with marginalized people (mainly people who use drugs and sex workers) in a multi-cultural, multi-racial environment in a non-judgmental manner.
  • Must be dedicated to advancing an agenda of equal rights and social justice for marginalized individuals, especially through participation in advocacy and community activism.
  • Experience developing and implementing comprehensive quality management programs is desired.
  • Proficiency with MS Office (including Word, Excel and Outlook) and use of the Internet for research required
  • Experience documenting services in an electronic Health Record (eHR) strongly preferred.
  • Bilingual (Spanish) strongly preferred.
Equal Opportunity Employer

OnPoint NYC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate relative to race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, medical status, or history of incarceration. Individuals who have personal experience with drug use, women, people of color, members of the LGBTQI+ community, disabled individuals, and the formerly incarcerated are strongly encouraged to apply.


Please submit a cover letter outlining your experience and/or interest in harm reduction, Spanish/English proficiency, and interest in the position in addition to your curriculum vitae/resume. Applicants without a cover letter will not be considered for the position.

Please save your files with your last and first name followed by document title (e.g. Smith J Resume, Smith J Cover Letter)