Volunteer and Training Coordinator

Organizational Philosophy

OnPoint’s mission is to significantly improve the health and quality of life of people who use drugs and/or engage in sex work by creating relevant supports and services including access to; clean syringes through street-based outreach, advocacy and resources; a broad range of educational, referral and health services that reduce risks associated with drug use and sex work – including HIV, viral hepatitis, and overdose. People who use drugs and engage in sex work participate meaningfully in our service model. This is therapeutic in countering rampant stigma and feelings of worthlessness; and restoring social connections and hope. OnPoint delivers service without judgment recognizing that individuals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, have access to health care, and the space to work on their own goals.

Position Duties

The Volunteer and Training Coordinator (VTC) is responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and hosting volunteer events to ensure volunteers have a positive experience at our sites and are supported to be maximally productive. Volunteers interact with the organization in a variety of ways including, at its simplest, preparing supplies and kits for distribution across NYHRE and WHCP’s programs. Other volunteer opportunities include coordinating donation drives, to more technical initiatives such as legal clinic, clinical efforts such as wound care clinics, or hazardous waste clean-up events with our Outreach and Public Safety Team.

  • Reinvigorate relationship with NY Cares, coordinate, schedule, and lead volunteer kit packing events, and individual kit packing events. Work with Distribution Manager to determine what kits should be packed at each event.
  • Build Volunteer Program:
  • The VTC will research and recruit prospective volunteer pools considering program needs and seeking a variety of skillsets from volunteers (nurses, lawyers, computer literacy trainers etc).
  • Host monthly volunteer orientations.
  • Grow NY Cares partnership to increase the number of kit packing events we host on site.
  • Collaborate with the Senior Leadership Team to determine if and how volunteers would be useful to their programs.
  • Create volunteer contact lists and share with Fundraising Team.
  • Work with Fundraising Team to create unique volunteering events that could generate champions of our work.
  • The VTC works closely with the Distribution Manager to ensure that kit packing events are informed by programmatic supply needs taking into consideration ongoing and upcoming expansion of hours and services
  • Reply to all external volunteer requests; determine if the volunteer can attend an existing kit packing event, support basement organization and inventory
  • The VTC will develop, implement, and maintain a system to track volunteer events, number of kits produced, and other outcomes produced by volunteers
  • Host a minimum of two volunteer group per week

Reporting Requirement:
  • Submit Volunteer Group tracking sheet to Senior Director of Programs on a monthly basis
  • Compile monthly narrative report on volunteer program highlighting successes, challenges, outcomes and plans future growth
  • Provide photos and anecdotes following each event for use on OnPoint|NYC social media

Staff Training: Onboarding and Contractual

The VTC is responsible for ensuring all of NYHRE and WHCP’s training requirements across contracts are met and that mandatory trainings are completed during onboarding/annually as required (AED/CPR, BBP, etc.)

  • Develop OnPoint|NYC annual training calendar supported and informed by training tracking system covering all existing and incoming staff; ensure annual training calendar and training tracking system is up to date
  • Work closely with Directors and staff to make sure staff are meeting training requirements by contract
  • Schedule in-house trainings with outside organizations guided by contractual requirements and/or as directed by leadership team
  • Ensure staff that are required to attend trainings as stipulated in our contracts are able to attend, sign in, and receive credit for attendance
  • Compile and store all training certificates electronically and in an organized manner
  • Provide staff or leadership with training certificates upon request

Reporting Requirement
  • Submit up-to-date annual training calendar to Senior Director of Programs on a monthly basis
  • Compile monthly narrative report on staff training activities highlighting successes, challenges, outcomes and plans future growth

Staff Training: Peer Certification
  • Assist current peers and staff in maintaining or attaining peer certification status to keep peer certifications active
  • Work with Senior Director of Program, Director of Operations and other Program Directors to revamp UpRise Program (FY23)

Requirements and Experience
  • Must have the ability and willingness to be hands-on and solve problems as they arise
  • Must be personable, with a positive attitude and warm demeanor
  • Must be extremely organized
  • Must have strong writing skills
  • Must be able to work effectively in a high-paced and chaotic environment
  • We are specifically looking for candidates with an active interest in harm reduction, syringe exchange, and/or social justice as it pertains to individuals who use drugs or engage in sex work
  • Significant work or personal life experience in the areas of substance use, sex work, and HIV and HCV prevention desired. Skills in the areas of safer injection and safer drug use techniques and overdose prevention, HIV and HCV prevention and treatment desired. Experience in the Bronx and East Harlem preferred
  • Must be dedicated to advancing an agenda of equal rights and social justice for marginalized people who use drugs or engage in sex work, especially through participation in advocacy and community activism
  • Must be willing to work outdoors at our street sites (sometimes in inclement weather) and conduct outreach

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