Booty Bumping Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to booty bump, a publication by OnPoint NYC.




We encourage booty bumping for several reasons:

  • Less invasive: No needles are required, which means no track marks, no risk of missing a shot, and a significantly decreased risk of injury and infection.
  • Slower onset: effects are felt in about 15-40 minutes so you’ll have time to leave the bathroom/other private space before you feel the full effect. This way, it’s possible that someone can respond if you overdose.
  • Lasts longer: since the effects last longer, you won’t need to worry about getting sick


Preparing a drug to booty bump works the same way as it would for injection. If you normally add water, then add water. If you have to use Vitamin C to break it down, then use Vitamin C.

Booty bumping cocaine is discouraged since its numbing effect makes it harder to notice damage to your anus if re-dosing or having anal sex, which exposes you to infection. It can also cause unexpected farting, leakage, and difficulty controlling the feeling that you need to poop.



These tools are included in our booty bumping kit to help reduce the risk of injury and infection.

    This syringe is recommended for booty bumping because of its removable needle and 1cc barrel.
    Use this to prepare your mixture, similar to if you’re injecting (except no cotton is needed!)
    Use these to clean your hands and butthole beforehand to reduce risk of infection and clear away hairs
    Both saline rinse and sterile water are safe to use for preparing your mixture. or having to use as often as you would if you were injecting.
    If you are worried that syringe barrel insertion will be uncomfortable, apply a small amount of lube to the barrel tip beforehand. Lube can also be used to reduce tearing during sex (caused by many drug’s dehydrating effects)
    Use separate bags to store your removable needle and to store the syringe barrel for personal re-use (do not share or use for injection!)


Make a plan before you use to avoid unnecessary harm and wasting money:

  1. Decide how much you’re going to use and put aside money that you’ll need for other expenses (like food or rent).
  2. Eat and drink lots of water beforehand.
  3. Use the bathroom first. Poop can absorb your drug and post-booty bumping, pee/poop can force some of it out of your body.
  4. Plan to use in a safe place with people you trust. Have Naloxone handy (only works for opioid-related overdoses).
  5. Buy from a source you trust and feel comfortable asking questions about effects and cuts. Check for fentanyl with a test strip


  1. Clean hands with warm water and soap or antiseptic wipes.
  2. Put down clean surface for preparing your drugs.
    Place a clean sheet of paper on a flat surface. Use this as your surface for equipment to help everything stay clean and prevent infection.
    No paper? Disinfect surface with an alcohol pad
  3. Pour the powder into a fresh cooker
    TIP: If you’re unsure of strength, pour half of what you normally do. You can always do the rest after!
  4. Remove needle from “blue tip” syringe.
    If you’d like, save the needle in a clean plastic bag for personal use.
  5. Fill syringe with water/saline and add to cooker.
  6. Mix until most powder is dissolved.
    No need to heat or use a filter– don’t worry if there are undissolved pieces.
  7. Draw mixture from cooker into syringe.
    Draw the mixture into your syringe by pulling back the plunger. Set the prepared syringe onto your clean surface.
  8. Prepare anus for booty bumping.
    Wipe anus (butthole), front to back, with an antiseptic wipe to clean the area and clear hairs away from the site. If you’re worried that sticking a syringe barrel up there will be uncomfortable, apply a small amount of water soluble lube to the tip of the syringe barrel beforehand.
  9. Booty bump the prepared mixture.
    Insert the syringe barrel as far as you can, then just a bit more to prevent liquid from leaking out. Push the plunger to booty bump.
    What position should I be in when booty bumping? As long as the syringe barrel is past your sphincter (the ring of muscle surrounding your butthole that you can control), you should be able to booty bump in any position without a problem. However, it can be more comfortable to sit on the toilet or lie on your side with one knee bent toward your chest.
  10. Wash hands and discard used supplies.
    Wash hands again with warm soap and water or antiseptic wipes to prevent spreading bacteria.
    TIP: Feel free to save your syringe barrel in a clean plastic bag for personal re-use (ONLY for booty bumping!), but dispose of the rest of your used equipment (used wipes, cookers, etc.).


  • Clean hands and anus before/after
  • Never share booty bumping equipment or use it for injection
  • Use a small amount of lube to syringe tip if needed
  • If having anal sex/rimming after, always use protection
  • Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B


Remember: avoid using alone, have naloxone ready, and wait at least 30 minutes before re-use!

If using alone, call a friend while using or have them call you a few minutes after. Give them your address so they can call for help if needed!

If using alone with no phone, go into a public space right after you use so you are around people if you overdose.

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