OnPoint NYC vigorously advocates for social justice and strives to address adverse outcomes among people who use drugs or engage in sex work by providing the resources, tools, and support they need to enhance the quality of their lives and live with dignity. We seek to combat stigma and invite people who use drugs to participate meaningfully in society, instead of pushing them to the margin.


As the largest harm reduction service provider on the east coast, we offer lifesaving safer drug use and overdose training to those who need it most. We also distribute and clean up more syringes and other paraphernalia than any other provider. 

Drop-in Centers

Our Drop-In Centers are no-barrier, walk-in spaces at both locations, where we offer hot meals, coffee, food, showers, bathrooms, and laundry.

Harm Reduction Services

We provide syringe exchange, safer drug use supply provision, education, and counseling to reduce the potential harms associated with drug use and needle-sharing.

Overdose Prevention Centers (OPCs)

We made history and became the first organization in the US to open two OPCs that monitor drug consumption on-site.

Health & Wellness Services

We offer an array of in-house clinical services including HIV and Hep-C testing, wound care, MAT, medical assessments, linkage to other addiction treatment programs, and counseling.


Call us at (718) 415-3708 to report syringe litter and public drug use. We'll dispatch a team to clean up the area and help divert public use. We also educate our community members on harm reduction, overdose intervention, and other services.

Supportive Services

We have teams of case managers at both locations who conduct mental health services, benefits navigation, advocacy, health navigation, drug education groups, counseling, case conference sessions with various providers, and modalities for safer drug use.


OPC Participants Served since Launch In November 30, 2021


OPC utilizations


units of hazardous waste collected


Overdose Interventions

These numbers are preliminary.

Overdose Prevention Centers (OPCs)

On November 30, 2021, we made history and became the first organization in the United States to open two Overdose Prevention Centers (OPCs) in East Harlem and Washington Heights. 

The program is designed to reduce overdose death and other health risks associated with drug use, and to promote lasting connection into care. Further, the OPCs seeks to significantly reduce instances of public drug use and syringe litter in parks and public spaces. The overarching goal is to promote safety, wellness, and dignity for participants of the program and the larger community where these programs operate.

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Explore our community events, programs, and services at our East Harlem and Washington Heights Drop-in Centers.

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No One Has To Die of An Overdose.

Through our compassionate and effective approach, we’ve saved over 1,000 lives. With your support, we can save many more.