Safer Sniffing Guide

A step-by-step guide on safer sniffing, a publication by OnPoint NYC. OnPoint-NYC-EducationBinder_SS-Brochure


Reducing Nasal Damage and Infection
Sniffing drugs can be much safer than other routes of use, like injecting. However, there are still risks associated with sniffing drugs, including nasal damage and infection.

These two risks also go hand-in-hand: when the inside of your nostril is damaged, the chance of infection significantly increases.

  • Only use clean equipment, disinfect your hands and surfaces before sniffing, and practice safer sniffing tips (in the step-by-step on next page)
  • Rinsing nostrils with saline or lukewarm water after sniffing also helps prevent injury and infection


Reducing Common Risks Related to Street Drug Use

Different drugs have different risks, depending on their effect. However, there are also general risks with taking street drugs- like adverse effects or overdose- due to their varying strengths and the possibility of harmful cuts (like fentanyl).

  • Make healthy choices and keep a regular routine to prepare for the drug’s impact on appetite, dehydration, and ability to sleep
  • If it’s your first time using a specific drug, sniff a small test line first to gauge its strength.
    Consider checking for cuts using a test strip or reagent (available online or at some harm reduction agencies. OnPoint NYC provides free fentanyl test strips!)



These tools are included in our safer sniffing kit to help reduce the risk of injury and infection. Remember to disinfect everything beforehand and replace tools as often as possible!

To avoid sharing, our kit includes differently colored straws. These straws come as two options:

  • Straight-end: these can be used for lines
  • Scoops: these can be used for bumps

Use these to cut your substances into fine lines. Not only are they a cleaner alternative to any card in your wallet, but they’re also safer than a store-bought razor.

Use these to clean your hands before sniffing to help prevent infection.

Use these to clean all tools and surfaces before use to help prevent infection.

Use this to rinse your nostrils after sniffing.

Use this to reduce tearing during sex (caused by many drug’s dehydrating effects)

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