Just Words: Harm Reduction Programs in Harlem and Washington Heights: A Community Perspective

Just Words Nobody Cares – welcomes Jason, the Director of Community Initiatives and Impact at On Point NYC services, to talk about the effects of drug harm reduction programs and their impact in Harlem and Washington Heights communities of New York City.

In this episode, Jason will share his insights on the importance of harm reduction programs in addressing the opioid crisis and other drug-related problems in these communities. He will talk about how harm reduction programs have been successful in reducing drug-related harm, including overdose deaths, and improving the health outcomes of individuals who use drugs.

Jason will also discuss the challenges that harm reduction programs face in gaining acceptance and support from the broader community. He will touch on the stigma and misconceptions that surround drug use and harm reduction, and the importance of community engagement in promoting harm reduction initiatives.

Listen on YouTube (Pt 1 & Pt 2)

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