Opinion: Overdose Prevention Centers Help Make Communities Safer

We are in the midst of a worsening overdose crisis. Children don’t deserve the remnants of drug use in the playground, or to lose loved ones to overdose. People who struggle with drug use shouldn’t have to hide in dark places to avoid having their health issues confronted with shame and judgment. Ideally, they could find their way to health and stability, but how do they get there? This dilemma stayed with me as one of the problems I’m at a loss for solving for our families.

Months later, I was introduced to OnPoint NYC’s East Harlem center. I knew nothing about harm reduction or overdose prevention, but I immediately saw that just by providing a space to safely use drugs and be saved from a fatal overdose, OnPoint was solving what I thought was unsolvable.

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Our East Harlem location will be closing early at 8:30pm on Wed 5/1 and Fri 5/3. Our Washington Heights location will be open on our regular schedule.

No One Has To Die of An Overdose.

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